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You and I provoke his mind.

In your little black dress,
In your company of male friends,

In your fearless moves,

In you leaving the house at hours abused.

In your independent tours,
In your house of bachelors aloof.

In you and in me , provocation strives.
Yet a one year old is victimized.

Perhaps , the diaper used is wrong for your child. 
Cause provocation never lies in his mind.



Also she is a crazy dancer, an ardent cricket fan and a radio FM if hit upon with the same wavelength. :)

48 thoughts on “You and I provoke his mind.

  1. Hi Ojha,

    I like your poem but can you please elaborate it a little bit more for me?
    I guess I don’t understand it fully because I’m not a native speaker, but it seems to have a strong message.

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    1. Hello Dina,
      Yes the message cannot be understood unless you are a native. The problem with the nation right now is the sickening mentality that juudges girls based on the type of dresses we wear and the time we go out. According to some people, rape a heinous crime can be provoked through women who are liberating. And yet, a one year old child is raped. Hence, the poem.
      Thanks for reading.

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  2. Sick people! I was skeptic to put the like … its something to add a hate to … not a like … but these people are sick and need to be put behind locked doors!
    How in heavans name can something like that happen?
    Sad …very sad!

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      1. If these people were all closed up … humanity would be a lot better off and very very thankfull … believe me! If not ask all the outher people on this planet … im pretty sure they will agree! Sorry if your not the same opinion! I respect yours … but this is mine! I hope I have not upset you, it wasn’t in my intentions.

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      2. I’m of the same opinion. I don’t believe in mercy with people who aren’t human beings. That’s the only perspective and I’m very clear and honest about whatever my opinions are. I just don’t want humanity to die cause of polluting elements.

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  3. I’m ashamed to be living in such nation cause of these constant and insanely harsh acts. I mean like how you possibly even consider doing such shit! What’s sickens me more is there’s no stopping to this, nothing concrete enough to overdue such thing. I guess a month back, i heard a similar case were the child was just 3 days old and that’s like the worst news I’ve ever heard of. There’s a only one solution to this, and which will ofc end up in bloodshed. The perpetrators have no right to live whatsoever.

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  4. Super words,thats a shameful reality and what more to say one more incident happened at New Delhi in front of thousand eyes where a girl is brutally stabbed 24 times…well! We will have to take active steps against hideous minds with no mercy at all.Strong message with pen.

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