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A myth so far!

Dear men,

Do you remember starting this fight for equality together?  A fight that demands no caste, creed or religion gets any privilege.

We’ve been fighting against corruption together. You’ve been fighting for our rights with us. We’ve been raising our voices against injustice together.

But what do you get in return?

This sounds deceptive but the country has been partial towards us, the women. We are by birth crowned privileged and we defeat you in a fight that is meant to be both of ours.

I know you want to be treated equally so bad and the fact that females have never been treated indifferently might sound disturbing. We don’t mean to change pathways or step back. We are still fighting together and we will continue to do so. But all of this has been a myth so far!

For a woman knows that nothing actually matters. She knows that she’ll not be treated according to the societal divisions or all the reservations we’ve been fighting for.

She knows that she is equally unsafe , no matter what.

Yours truly,

A justified woman in your unjustified world.



Also she is a crazy dancer, an ardent cricket fan and a radio FM if hit upon with the same wavelength. :)

74 thoughts on “A myth so far!

  1. Great words…. But, Hey woman, where the century talks about equality and similarity, and when most of us have anyways accepted the fact…. Then now there just a physical difference left, and nothing else….. And then when when the world accepts the fact that women are stronger then men, then why are you behind this myth…..

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    1. Hello Steve.
      Thank you for sharing your view. This post however is a sarcastic comment on the fight for equality in terms like caste and creed. It is a sarcastic reference to us women being unsafe irrespective of our caste. For me, the fight is baseless when we do not stand for the safety which should be our first priority. Also, I as a woman do not wish to be called superior and I count men as greater support for us to be equal in today’s world.

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    1. Oh that’s something every guy I know of is good at. All the people I meet , I know how men take stands and I’m glad to meet real nice people here in the blogosphere too.
      And about the autograph, too kind of you to ask for. That’s a definite point. πŸ˜€ Stay blessed.

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      1. Hey there ! You can always drop me a text through any of my social media links. I do believe this ain’t the right platform for a conversation.
        Nice to know about you though. Take care. πŸ™‚

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  2. Your words are as beautiful as you! Thank you for stopping by and following my blog…or else i wouldn’t have found you πŸ™‚
    Saw that you debuted a novel. would love to read it!

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    1. Hello there!
      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. It’s a pleasure to connect. Yes, I have a novel published under my name. I’d soon incorporate the links to where you find it to my site here. You may check that out next week. Thank you. Stay connected. ☺

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  3. Though I agree with what you have written, but I don’t understand why you have to beg for something which is already yours.. I mean just so that you don’t become a pariah in the society, you accept the atrocities meted out by the society. Ironic, isn’t it ? All said and done, know that I am still a vocal supporter of equal rights ✌
    And yes, well written πŸ‘ŒβœŒ

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    1. Hello Shrey.
      Thank you for your comment here. While I do understand what you intend to speak on but I am myself of your opinion. Why’d I beg for something which is already mine? I clearly don’t and I never would. It is a blog post that just reflects how there’s one fight that ain’t going equal.
      Also, I know of men who are better feminists than most of the women I know of, so I definitely understand your support for equal rights.
      It is just a reflection on the situation not that I encourage any women in this entire world to beg for what we is already ours. It’s just a message of concern to men like you who are fighting for us too, but all in vain.

      Thank you. I’m glad you shared your thoughts. ☺

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