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When are you at your beautiful best?

It’s when you’re messed up and half asleep while you put off the alarm clock against your wish.

It’s when you are into your daily routine fighting odds with a beaming smile.

It’s in the late hours of the day while you struggle with the sweat on your face.

It’s when you hit the bed at peace and curl like a baby,gratified.

It’s when you hold on to yourself during a tide.

It’s when your eyes exhibit a will to fight.

It’s when you desire to do the unusual.

It’s when you wish to take some risks.

It’s when you’re adamant to work for your dreams.

But most importantly,

It’s when you believe that you’re beautiful.  


P.S. I share the most tired picture of mine, after a sick day and a sleepless night ’cause I feel that when I’m working, I’m at my beautiful best.

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Also she is a crazy dancer, an ardent cricket fan and a radio FM if hit upon with the same wavelength. :)

98 thoughts on “When are you at your beautiful best?

  1. At my beautiful best when I’ve made a killer performance over a series of grueling interviews and finally received an offer letter. Akin to selling something you thought no one else wanted.

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  2. That’s the true nature of mind

    When you are putting your best

    Against all odds

    Against all inevitable circumstances

    Against your will sometimes

    Against your mind

    But you have to do it

    As it is your priority

    You have an intense desire

    To come out of it

    Successfully with flying colours

    After doing it you deserve rest 😊

    Physical as well as mental

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  3. Please don’t follow me for the sake of following. I am sure you would love my idea in theory of human relativity. I bet you haven’t read it anywhere else and there is no science involved in it.


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