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Word to Word. 

Dressed in a colorful wardrobe, words speak 
Of uncertainties, anxieties, joy and belief .
Purple, addressing the glorious smiles.
Red, reminiscing the wrongs and rights. 

Black, the usual ink.
Blue, when there’s a mood swing.

Words halt at paragraph ends ,
They italicize, when tension trends,
Underlined, they make memories count.
Capitalized, they note down experiences profound.

Handwritten text across ruled lines .
Pages after pages, yellowed with time.

She dwelled in the mightiest world,
Afraid of emotions, restricted her love
To the smell of ink on paper 
And sight of new books to savour.

A year or so, 
A new diary plays no role.
It struggles a place on the back shelf,
Awaiting a storyteller to befriend .

Conversations shared over cold coffee,
Day after day, intertwined souls, oddly.

Words dressed in emotions, 

She chirps all day long.

Words now halt at change of expressions

And he, loves her daily song. 



Also she is a crazy dancer, an ardent cricket fan and a radio FM if hit upon with the same wavelength. :)

48 thoughts on “Word to Word. 

    1. Hello there!
      Thank you for reading and the question. Through this poetry I felt like conveying how important is it for us to have someone/something to bank our feelings on. The protagonist here used to write down her emotions dressed in different colors until she started speaking it to “He” who took the place of her journals.
      This is an extract from my book as well. I hope I could clear your doubt. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Alex.
      You are most welcome. Your post is very honest and so is the blog. I’m glad to have stumbled across you instead.
      Also, thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation! Stay blessed. 🙂


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