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Love is never a matter of CHOICE.

If pretty eyes could create all magic ,
If a smile could demolish memories; tragic.
She would have traveled to his land,
Awaited him,while he executed his plans.

If a good luck charm meant a morning embrace,
If small caring gestures could add fun to the slaughtered race.

She would have stayed nearby,
And watched him fly.

If priorities had kept the crave for desires aside,
If life was worth all the shared undue time,
She would have filled in the empty space
And put up through his journey, promisingly safe.

If and only if,

The heart never followed a decision,but an impulse
Little promises were given a chance to take turns
The wink of her eye and the touch of his hand
Would have stayed beyond the limited time span.

To fate,they had risen a toast

And ended matters, by counterfeiting force. 

Such stories embark the end to a start,

Etching memories that would forever last.

The gifted rose gown still offers comfort
Yet nothing compared to his husky voice.
Midnight lamp still reflects memories – absurd.

love is 
a matter of choice.



Also she is a crazy dancer, an ardent cricket fan and a radio FM if hit upon with the same wavelength. :)

101 thoughts on “Love is never a matter of CHOICE.

    1. Hello there!
      Thank you so much for the nomination. I’d definitely accept the award. I value every nomination. But I’ll be able to post about it only next month due to constraints. I hope that’s alright with you.
      Thank you for thinking of me! Stay blessed. πŸ™‚

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  1. Thank you for sharing your words. I ain’t a great person to speak about love and these are my first attempts. I really appreciate your views and you sharing them. Thank you. πŸ™‚


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