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Growing older and stronger.

We knew we will take home blessings when they said “Abar esho” ( Visit us again ) with tear drops here and there , glimmering eyes and million dollar smiles.

The ‘Little Sister of Poor’ old age home situated at AJC Bose road near Rabindra Sadan was where we celebrated our 1st birth anniversary.

“We grow a year older” spoke the child within us while introducing.

To which a lady in pink pointed ,”All of you grow a year older?”

The hall echoed with giggles and sang us a happy birthday SAVERA.

Conversations had us going when a few members took the stage for a beautiful medley until they were flooded with song requests .

“Tell her to sing Gori tera gaon” , someone said .
“Why don’t you dance?” ,
somebody added.

We sang, we danced , we laughed , we ate and we shared hearty conversations.

They miss people.

They miss such moments.

And we happen to miss them too , so much that we are still there in the midst of emotional connections and abundant blessings.

P.S. SAVERA grew a year older on 1st June, 2016. 

Growing a year older and stronger could not have been celebrated better.

Thank you for the support and love 🙂

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Also she is a crazy dancer, an ardent cricket fan and a radio FM if hit upon with the same wavelength. :)

72 thoughts on “Growing older and stronger.

    1. A small event organized by our NGO named SAVERA. We are a group of young willing individuals trying to spread smile , spread love and be the change we desire in the world. It would be very nice if you take a look on the links or visit SAVERA section on this blog. Feedback is appreciated. 🙂

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  1. अगर नीयत नेक हो तो चन्द दीये भी मिलकर “सवेरा” कर सकते है।…
    बहुत ही ख़ूबसूरत और प्रशंसनीय…

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  2. Congratulations SAVERA! Keep up the good work.
    Never stop helping and inspiring other people. Wish you more awesome years to come! You’re all awesome guys! 👏👏👏✨✨👍

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  3. Beautiful Soul named Sweta thinking you forgot to mail back.

    Am for now am in Assam ….
    Will love to be there as part of such a beautiful sweet lovely mission as I had already written to you in last messages.
    The thing is my laptop is not working so could not get going to the link and know more by myself or able to contact Savera ,instead have to write back here and request you again.
    I am sorry for not able to directly get to the page which is the medium to get info……
    But I trust you understand and take the next step right from here or send me a mail.

    Waiting with trust

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    1. Hello Pawan. No, I haven’t forgotten to mail you. It’s just that I’m a little occupied with some prior commitments here. I shall definitely write to you. We value your enthusiasm and motivation. Thank you! Stay connected. 🙂

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      1. I didn’t mean to sound rude and hope I didn’t… A bit impatient maybe it looks but I from heart know that as you maybe occupied with something else nor you would have sent me a message….
        Indeed I am sorry for not been able to search for the link and go look but it is just that somehow the laptop refuses to work lol…
        Savera……. A morning…. Yes I am connected and grounded as each morning brings a new full energy to be motivated to spread energy in the world we are in …..

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