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That girl across the window pane.


I look across the window pane

That girl who hanged herself.

They say she was an angel brought to life

A friend in need and a voice so bright.

They’ve lost themselves their only child

A young woman who died last night.

I look across the window pane

That girl who had struggled pain.

A letter that said : She’d better be gone;

There’s not much love for her to hold on.

Words that screamed of endless trials

That she deserved to be loved and admired.

Scribbled across pages were depressing years

And not a friend to share her fear.

I look across the window pane

That girl who could have been saved.

Of a lonely life and busy parents

Of the love she’d never confront

Of how she made no difference

Of the blames, all at once.

I look across the window pane

That girl who lay lifeless.

I watch the grief, the pain in eyes

People sob, yell and cry

Only if she was made to feel

The same; while in need.


I look across the window pane

That girl who died a plight in vain.

These verses reflect and stand for a single cause that suggests “Suicide can never be justified.”

I’d however love to have your opinions on the topic.
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Thank you for reading.

Never let the words fall short! 😊 



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127 thoughts on “That girl across the window pane.

  1. Your lines are beautiful. Contrary to people denouncing those who commit suicide or think of committing suicide, I think it takes gumption. The natural tendency for a human being is to prolong life and suicide is but a subversion of that which comes naturally to us.

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      1. It is not justified. Yet it must be extreme situations that one does not know how to handle, hence the choice to resort to extreme measures. I find it hard to judge given that we hardly know what the other person experiences unless we walk in their shoes, if you know what I mean. All the morose thoughts apart, you have a lovely day.

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  2. Your words are very touching. I recognise that thoughts of suicide are a real issue for some people so I won’t attempt to trivialize how they feel about their situations. However, I would say this, no matter how bad things seem right now if you eliminate yourself you deny yourself the opportunity to see things get better. Your life does matter! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you very much. Although suicide is a real issue that has served people with depression, anxieties and mental disorders as well. I do agree with you on your perspective wholeheartedly. I believe one could start over again from scratch for the remaining years but not kill for how has life treated them till now. Nothing justifies the act.

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  3. This is heart wrenching but it’s very well written. Suicide can never be justified, yeah, but not helping suicidal people also can’t be justified. In that moment, someone has to reach out to them and save them because those deaths are preventable.

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    1. Thank you very much.
      Yes indeed. If there are people suffering from depression over years and do not have a single person to vent out their fears on, it is but a shame for people in general.
      A 5 minute talk and a tap on the shoulder might have worked wonders.


  4. It’s so sad. People must be in such dark places to take their own lives, places I don’t even like to image. If only they reached out for help, or, if they did reach out, the person they reached out to understood what they needed. My community and my church have lectures every year to educate members of the community. They help people understand suicide, help them pick up on warning signs, and tell them what to do/who to contact if a friend or loved one is depressed. They also tell people who might be depressed what they can do, because there is always help. One of the things often said is “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

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    1. Absolutely. If only we know how to recognize the signs and if only we understand our friend, our sibling or our child a little better, we can save people.
      It is great to know about your community that works on tbe very same. This is a grave issue that requires urgent attention and I’m very glad to hear about what you share. Suicide is a mere escape indeed.
      Thank you.

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  5. I have experienced first hand the shock and devastation caused by suicide and the initial response is one of grief, confusion, anger and ultimately sadness.

    That said, could it be said that assisted suicide is more humane than letting terminally ill patients linger on in abject agony?

    I often think back to the global wave of emotion when Robin Williams died. He knew he had a disease which would steal away all that he was and he took a personal decision to go whilst he still had the ability act, and whilst it’s still incredibly sad, one has to empathise with a situation like his, whether that makes suicide justifiable in a case like his is a difficult call.

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    1. Hi there.
      Thank you very much for bringing forth a very important aspect to the general subject of discussion.
      Although, putting up a strong ordeal for terminally ill patients shall not be justified either, but I do believe that in one such particular case where there is no hope but a few days of survival in pain, suicide may not be justified.
      A tough call but maybe there are exceptions to every clause.
      Yet to kill your ownself for even the gravest of issues is something very ill. Thank you!


      1. Life is, of course, a subjective experience and what individuals choose to do or not do is ultimately up to them.

        To state that suicide is wrong every time infers that individuals should appease the needs of others rather than that of the self and that people must follow the rules that society dictate as right.

        Those who commit suicide often do so as a last resort because there appears to be no other solution at that time.

        Those who commit suicide often do so under extreme circumstances, mostly as a result of severe mental health issues (as is in my case) when the brain/mind does not function as well as it should and the decision to end life is one that is made by the deep subconscious which only thinks of the self (Freuds’ concept of the Id) rather than a conscious one which takes into account things outside of the self (Freuds’ concepts of Ego / Super Ego).

        Ultimately (and as Buddhists would say), who is to say what is right and what is not right.

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      2. This is something very important to be read. I totally appreciate and acknowledge you for sharing something worthwhile and something to learn from.
        Definitely we are nobody to say what is right and what is not. I have lost people and been through similar conditions and I do understand your view point. It is definitely the last resort.
        Thank you for sharing. Stay blessed.

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  6. Hello ,very dangerous subject ,i meet that poor souls , i see them in mirrors ,walking around the same place ,most of the time angry ,stay away from that, You are so young,so much in front of You – I do not envy . attachment is a big problem

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    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad you got through the feel and yes, I’m blessed to have people in the community that invest their time and share their knowledge. The community makes my posts a lot better. Thank you for joining in.


  7. I know exactly how this feels. Pain & suffering, isolation, abandonment. I, too…believe it or not, was on the verge of committing suicide back in the late 90’s and early 2000s. I was in a different place. I was a victim of bullying at a young age til the end of middle school. Nine Inch Nails however, saved me. Their music saved me from hurting myself and to appreciate life and many beautiful things around us. My heart aches and hurts while I read this poem.

    Thank you for writing this…powerful and we all need a friend to talk to and give them a hug and tell them everything is going to be okay.
    We are not alone.

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    1. This came to me as a shock. It is difficult for me to fathom all that you’ve felt. I’m very thankful to you that you’ve taken the poem in the brightest way and that you’ve overcomed all of the tendencies to shine and be as amazing as you are now. Remember you make the world a better place. Powerful music does help. I’ve also been in very low conditions for a greater phase of my life and I’ve always been looking for ways to dodge the thought of killing my existence and I have always won in that regard. It has been a tough battle and I know what you must have gone through.
      I hope you have discovered such people in life. Talk, Share, Love. Have them around.
      Also, as a friend from the virtual world, I’m all ears whenever you need another listener for anything as random as it gets.
      We are indeed not alone. Stay blessed Charlie. 😊

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  8. I made a decision to work part time and not full time so I can spend more time with my boys who are 8, 7, and 5 years old. Everyday I tell them that I love them and give them the biggest heartfelt hugs that I can give. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

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  9. I write about a teenager Sweta who has now attempted twice – the mother now feeling the same as coping has taken its toll. We can only live on ‘hope’ that he sees a brighter future once he rids his demons. Heart wrenching story u write Hun, but once the mind has decided it’s difficult to change its hold. X

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    1. It is very sad to hear what you share with us. Someone like the person you talk about is a major concern and we have to try medical help to make him get rid of his demons. I hope and pray for this boy. Really saddened to know of brutal attempts twice!

  10. This is touching, this is deep, many people experience depressed symptoms and even bouts of depression as I have for a long time but no diagnosis. Suicidal thoughts come. But it can be overcome, through an outlet, meeting up with friends, writing, dancing, sport or even merely talking.

    Much love to anyone experiencing these things, it can be overcome through friendship, kindness and empathy.

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    1. I can totally understand how difficult a diagnosis stands in such cases. Yours is an example set for people reading the blog. Meeting someone who has been through the same and overcome it definitely suggests how important is love, empathy and kindness in today’s world.
      Thank you for sharing your words. I’m glad you did. ☺

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  11. Just speechless, I am not a big fan of poetry, but the way you put up. A laymen like me, felt a strong message, to see beyond the physical body and look to the eyes of the other and find the issues in it.

    I often observe, a person eyes has a lot to say about it.

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      1. I suffer time to time from depression, I don’t know what gets me going, but whenever I get down I jump back up. The important thing is never hang up. Specially someone who is close needs to keep talking. Or release the stress from expressing yourself, like in my case any form of work which I do by myself. Like woodworking, making art work for my kid, doing drawing or writing blog something.

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  12. When you write you make us feel that its happening in real. While i was reading this, I found myself in sorrow about the death of a young woman.
    It is your writing power or my intensity in reading your blog which made me live the moment through what you have written in your blog.

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    1. Thank you very much Hassan. I am honored with all that you have to say about my words. It is also the intensity and interest with which you read that makes you feel in depth. ☺


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