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Meet Your Greet : Week 2.

“Cause it’s about time you meet what you’d like to greet!” right here on this space meant for you, for me and for us.

Have you ever read a verse that speaks of love? Have you tried yourself a poetry for the same?

I guess all of us have in our hearts verses inscribed to what the theme demands this week. 

Know about Meet Your Greet  About Meet Your Greet

The Theme Of The Week:

“A poem on love”

So if you have read a poem that sparkled your eyes or penned down what you feel of love yourself, it’s about time.

It’s about time you share a link to your poem on love or link us to a poem that you found here by a fellow blogger or to your favorite verse anywhere on the internet.

Along with which, do not forget to add your link for us to meet you at your space. 

Interested bloggers shall greet your wonderful read before they rush to your blog for a meet!

Rules of Meet Your Greet

Share your links. Share your favorites. Promote your write-ups. Promote your blogs. This is the space. Let’s Celebrate! 🙂

Welcome to Meet Your Greet.

Check out the space here.

I hope you greet to meet your read. 
Never let the words fall short! 🙂



Also she is a crazy dancer, an ardent cricket fan and a radio FM if hit upon with the same wavelength. :)

92 thoughts on “Meet Your Greet : Week 2.

  1. I must go back briefly to a place I have loved
    to tell you those you will efface I have loved
    – Agha Shahid Ali
    I had many of love related poems that I could write, but this poem of 2 Bars speak like a thousand words for me!

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    1. Wow. This is a pleasant surprise. Finally somebody’s up to providing his write-ups a platform. I’m glad I motivated. Welcome to the blogging community and to Meet Your Greet. You have to stay connected of course. This time via blog and not email. 🙂

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  2. Hey fellow bloggers,
    I am not good at poems and I could only find this short one
    I write about love, though. Do check my blog 🙂
    Though I have been on WordPress almost a year now but with work keeping me busy, I have only been active the past month.
    Great initiative, Sweta! 🙂
    (Hope I haven’t broken any rules 🙂 )

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  3. “Ankahii !!..”

    “Aaj phir se maine
    Bade chupke chupke
    Teri ek meethi
    Jhalak ko Chura liya.

    Ujla Chehra Tera..
    Kuchh khila khila sa
    Shayad usmein maine
    Khudd ke aks ko paa liya.

    Teri yeh kari ankhien
    Kuch gehri gehri
    Jaise kehna ho chahti
    Khaamoshi se bahaut kucch mujhey.

    Jo chahun mein kehna
    Jo chahe tu sun-na
    Phir kyun naa hawaon ne
    Gunguna Diya

    Jab tu yun khul ke hasii
    Kuchh thi lehki lehki..
    Aur chamak uthe
    Jane kyun din mere

    Aisa kyun hai
    Ki chahoon pal pal
    Yun Paas hona
    Mein sirf tere.

    Bheeni Bheeni..
    Khushboo hai yeh
    Kuchh mehki mehki ..
    Jaise sirf ho teri.

    Saasein loon mein
    Jab madham madham
    Tu khushbu bankar
    Mujhmey samaane lagi.

    Yeh Shaam hai Yaa..
    Phir shayad rangat Teri
    Dhalte ujaalon Mein
    Pighalne si hai lagi

    Yeh kya chaya mausam
    Ki badalon mein bhi
    Tere kesuon kii
    Alhadd rawani jhalakne lagi

    Kuchh dheeme Armaañ
    Thodey sambhale sambhale
    Leheron ki tarah
    Uthkar machalne se yun lagey

    Tu chahe khulkar jeena
    Yeh Zindagi apni
    Phir kadam kyu hain
    Tere uthkar rukey rukey

    Dheere Dheere
    Ab ghulte se hain
    Khwaab jaise tere
    Meri udaas raaton mein.

    Khona Chahun
    Kabhi khud Ko Jaise
    Tere Sawalon Mein
    Tere Jawaabon Mein..

    Paas mere
    Tu ho yaa naa ho
    Tere makhmali ehsaason se
    Hamesha main hun ghira

    Bujhti Jalti
    Ho jaise maddham tapish teri
    Dil dheere Dheere
    Hai jal raha.

    Yeh seeli hawa,
    Chalaktii si hai fiza
    Sab kucch dhundhla dhundla
    Kyun aisa lage mujhey

    Jo jaane tuu bhi
    Jo chahun mein bhi
    Kya ab khulkar
    Mein keh-dun tujhey

    Chaahat teri
    Yun katra Katra
    Zindagi bankar
    Mujhmein Ghulney lagi.

    Ya toh pee lun isey
    Ya khulkar jee lun isey
    Iss bechain dil ki chahatein
    Woh jo reh gayi Ankahi !! ..”

    And sending you link to my take on love 🙂

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      1. When the eyes I want to see , refuse to even look at me , I remain ” andekhi”

        When the words I want to hear,turn mute to me , I remain “ansuni”

        When the hands I want to hold , don’t even come near me , I remain “anchui”

        When the heart I love , starts to hate me , I remain “anchahi”

        Yes you are right, this is my untold story “ankahi”

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  4. I’m not a good writer neither a big reader, but I like the initiative you have taken for this kind of blog (platfrom as you call it). I wish you by this good luck!
    Have a nice weekend
    Best regard, Heidi

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    1. A long time ago I had a space with poetry.
      After time space disappeared and came wordpress.
      I stopped writing poetry and also the inspiration was gone.
      Now I’m only a few months working on wordpress, but not poetry, but a photo blog as you’ve already seen. I still kept my poems. But almost all of them are about love and passion (sometimes something erotic, but that’s private) 😉 I have no blog poems, So I can’t post a link. Is it possibly to put a poem here?
      Best regard, Heidi

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      1. We’d love to hear from you right here at this space if you do not have a link to your poem. It is important to celebrate our writings. I am sure you’d be greeted well with what you make us meet here. Also, thank you for your well wishes. I’m glad I have all the support from my fellow bloggers here. ☺


    1. Hi Akash. Do you have any favorite poem on love written by you or anybody else. If you share the link, it will help the theme and we’d know you better by your choices and write-ups. Meet Your Greet celebrates that. I welcome you to this forum. Stay connected. ☺

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  5. Hello everyone. Don’t have much to say, but have a few posts to share.
    The poems, I’m afraid, won’t have the linguistic beauty, but have come straight from my heart. If you’re looking to read some real poems (good ones), these aren’t the posts for you. Happy reading and sharing. 🙂
    Thank you Sweta, for the platform!

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  6. I know this link that I’ll be sharing isn’t technically a love poem but the words in the song flow just like a poem and it speaks of love in all it’s glory. I think by putting music to words of a poem gives it more feelings in a universal language we can all understand, we feel the beat and rhythm and we sing the words. I hope you like the song ‘how long will I love you’ that I have shared from the beautiful movie ‘About Time’

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  7. Ooo, words of love! Well, I write lots of them, I write and share love letters every Monday on my blog, theloveletterprojects. Is it ok that I just shared that here? Sometimes I’m confused by social media etiquette. The words that came to mind though are not my own, but Rumi’s:
    “In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.” —Rumi

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    1. Hello. I love what you share here. These are very beautiful verses and it is okay to share your letter too. However, love letters might be a new theme to this forum some week.
      Welcome to Meet Your Greet.
      Stay connected. ☺


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