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Only a man. 

By Sweta Ojha
A man who knows he is nobody to let you be the woman you are.,

Only a man

Who knows I could be anyone 

Without his permission to let me be

‘Cause I don’t remember guidelines

Of what’s to be done 

And what am I supposed to be.

Only a woman

Who knows she should never be sorry

For being as crazy or weird in the societal heap

‘Cause I don’t remember guidelines

About a necessary tap on the shoulder

For living what I want to be. 

Only people

Who know they are nobody to permit

To deny or judge another being

‘Cause who remembers guidelines?

To certain authorities

In charge of what I’d rather be.

P.S. This is a dedicated piece of writing to anybody who realizes he/she is not doing a favor just because he/she has let their female acquaintances live a life they deserve. We need to get out of this loop where we literally beg for something which is a basic human right. The typical mindset that goes from “I have never ever differentiated between a girl or a guy” to “She is my daughter but I have raised her like my son” clearly stands to the patriarchal mindset which is willing to improve but not from the grass root level. It definitely isn’t a favor to let a lady be a lady in a man’s world. Also, why raise your daughter like a son? Why do we have different raising standards anyway?Modernization or social service are two vague terms used for letting people be. Letting us achieve our goals and pursue our dreams is not your choice, as a matter of fact, it is nobody’s decision. If I do not bother you with what you choose as your life story, I am sure you are nobody to write mine. The next time we reach out to women deprived of rights or a lady stuck up with unfulfilled ambitions, let’s just remember it is our duty and not a choice or favor to stand up for humanity cause we are nobody to decide for a fellow human being. 


Be a woman while you can.


Thank you for reading.

Never let the words fall short! ☺



Also she is a crazy dancer, an ardent cricket fan and a radio FM if hit upon with the same wavelength. :)

60 thoughts on “Only a man. 

  1. Rightly said. Even husbands and in laws are like we have let our DIL do a job !! Such exclamations are clearly patriarchal mindset deep rooted in our minds where we believe that letting someone do what was her basic right is our kind hearted ness or our modern thinking. That’s need to change at the first place.

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  2. Your words has been powerfully “spoken” / written … I like it to hear or read that someone dares to come up for herself and human rights … both for men or women. Although it is more difficult for women to live in a society where men rule… Men apparently still find it hard to regard women as their equal! Some men haven’t respect for women! But I appreciat men those respect women as well! To all women, never let you down! Stay who you are and come up for yourself!
    Best regard, Heidi

    P.S.: I’m not a men’s hater, I’m just in defense of the weaker among us!

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  3. This is a heartfelt plea for what should be a given for everyone – freedom and autonomy. (By the way, did you know that 15+ tags mean your post doesn’t appear on WordPress pages? I usually keep mine below 10.)

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      1. Not sure where it says it, but it’s definitely in the WordPress rules – maybe hit the WP Admin link on your blog. I think it has to be less than 15 categories and tags – I usually put 2 at most of the first and maybe 8/9 max of the second. You can check your post has appeared by following tags and categories. Good luck!

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  4. Every issue is blamed on Patriarchy, patriarchal society Indian Mindset,,,,,
    However there is Hope for such folks… Kerala , North Kerala to be precise follows the Matriarchal
    system… but it has not resulted in reducing crime or suicides.
    or You can adopt Judaism which follows a matriarchy system.

    The Man has to be a Man or Man up otherwise aakha life darwaza kholte rah jayega…………………


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