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If religion schools you to war.

sweta ojha poem

What if –
Turban knew of white gowns?
Kuran met the cross in town?
Kashi mentioned Haj halts?
Kirpan visited puja stalls?

I know the ifs shall lead you where
A place with no bloodshed and despair.

If GOD resides in every man
Yet religion permits guns in hand
What conspired myth you proudly live?
And what is he, that gets killed?

Yet, its the place of ifs you hide
Behind reasons vaguer than your life!

And if –
Religion still schools you to war
I, an atheist deserve an applaud.

Thank you for reading.

Never let the words fall short! ☺



Also she is a crazy dancer, an ardent cricket fan and a radio FM if hit upon with the same wavelength. :)

72 thoughts on “If religion schools you to war.

      1. Yes we do and it is disheartening how the majority gets ignited by a few and turn into violence seeking minds behind the veil of religion.

        Promoting one’s criminal offences in the name of religion is the worst. That’s polluting beliefs.

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      2. I too agree with that but situations in our country are way better than Middle eastern and Mediterranean countries !!!
        But its worthless comparing.. We need to be best and resolve the fights so that Secularism doesn’t vanishes…

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  1. God (the 1 and Only True God) DOES care about the violence and other issues in today’s world. Unfortunately, God created humans with free will and a lot of people use their free will to do evil things. People using guns and other weapons in wars and acts of terrorism is nothing NEW. Things like that happened back in biblical days and just as God did something back then, He is at work NOW even though not everyone can see it.

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    1. I could not agree more to this comment. You share with us a very important aspect and that is exactly the whole point of my verses. Not believing in existence of GOD is much better than using religion for anything that ashames humanity.

      Thank you sharing a beautiful insight. ☺

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    1. Some groups of people, Islam or not. These people dwell as devils covering themselves up behind religions. They exist everywhere. They are not real muslim or real hindu or real christian or anything as real as religion anywhere. Thank you for sharing your view. I second your thought.

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  2. You have dared yourself to a delicate theme, but I totally support your words! You’re a smart girl with a broad vision … And I like this! But I didn’t expect that you’re an atheist. My parents are Katholic, so I’m born as a Katholic too, but I don’t put myself in any religion. I’m not an atheist or believer in a religion, I’m a open-minded (free-thinking) viewer of life. You can ask many questions about God or Alah or what kind of name that people give to their Upper humanity… Who is God (or ???) or is there more than One Upper humanity? Why did’nt he make us all the same? Why are there so many religions if there was only one God or Upper humanity? Why is there good and evil? And If there was one God or Upper humanity, than he wasn’t perfect and maked some mistakes in creating people. And if he consciously created us with good and evil in different races and colors, each another language with our mistakes and skills … Who are we, to condemn and prejudice others? Maybe something to think about it…? 😉
    Sweet regards, Heidi

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    1. Hey Heidi. Glad to have your feedback on this! Well, I was born a Hindu and I do not oppose or support any religion as well. I wrote this poem as a sarcastic reference that denotes atheists are better if a religion schools you to war. I duly respect every man/woman and any man who supports, beliefs and works purely for his/her religion and also those who do not believe in any. I stand for humanity and I always will. We are but obvious nobody to prejudice anything or anybody, I firmly believe.
      Regards. ☺

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