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You are here to stay. 

What if all that you’ve felt all this while was but an illusion or a desire to reach where you are not destined to? 

Have you loved enough? 

Or should you at all?

Maybe you’ve found yourself this guy. Maybe you’ve loved him more than you know of love. But now that you are figuring out your own broken pieces, you know you deserve better. No, not a better man, but better of what he has been to you. Better of all that you’ve blindly put into him. 

You find out that you’ve silently agreed to a vague present and how that still seems better than all that you will ever receive.

  Do you pity yourself? 

Out of all things, you remind yourself to appreciate and celebrate what is meant to be at the moment. You don’t live in the moment but these moments find life in you!

You remember to make yourself some dessert and walk yourself a night. You sing to what makes you happy, dance to the rhythm of the blues in your heart and you never let that crown fall off your head.

You never forget to appreciate yourself even if a man does. Mostly then. 

Yet you have not fallen out of love. Maybe you never will. 

Maybe all that they make you feel is a passing phase but remember, you are here to stay. 

P.S. I took a month long break and wrote this last night on a journey back home from a trip. I’ve missed this space and I am hoping to hear from everyone here in the family!

Thank you for reading. 

Never let the words fall short! 😊

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2017 in three words.

To every night, let there be a New Year’s Eve.

To every day, a New Year Day. 

The last picture of 2016 to start the year and to remind : Resolutions are not my cup of cake, I must wholly admit myself to achieving the small goals I set up daily. 

Sleepless pictures are my USP now. No matter how ugly, they bring a smile on my face. 

The last week of 2016 has been hectic. Ditched nights for work and music has been my only rescue. Music is my Fun Mantra. 

What is yours?

Also, there’s this new trend that I really loved. 

And hence, I’d love to know from all of you about :

” Your 2017 in 3 words. “

P.S. I have been on a decent break and I beleive this is surely going to bring me back better.

Never let the words fall short!

A Very Happy New Year. 🙂

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Of Love And Our Romantic Best?

“If I were to remind you of my existence in your life, I’d risk starting from scratch.”

.. Says the girl in me who believes that when she falls in love, she must fall in love with the same person over and over again. 

Hopeless or hopeful? 

Never mind. That’s me at my romantic best. (Unromantically)

Also, I must publicly admit of my ladylove who would be much like the extra marital affair. 🙈

A picture that defines love for me right at the moment , besides my family ofcourse. 

Most importantly,

Here’s me waiting to hear from you- 

“Who defines love for you besides your family and what is your romantic best?”

P.S. I have been wanting to converse on the blog and what better than love to discuss and know each other better!

Looking forward to new revelations and beautiful perceptions. 

Thanks for reading. 

Never let the words fall short! 🙂 

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My officer in charge.


I’m jealous of the child I was once, she was my daddy’s little princess and how I hate to recall that fairy tale.

I’m confident about the person I’m going to become,
She will be my daddy’s little princess and how I long to live that story.

But I’m happy about what I am today in my growing years.
I’m no little princess but someone learning to defy reality, fighting to make a mark and adapting to what may come.

And how I love you dad for being my officer in charge. 💜

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Womanly enough?

To women who feel superior,

I’m a woman and I don’t consider myself a better part of the society just because I fall under the female creed.

To women demanding equality,

I’m a woman and I believe in complete equality. Crimes against women or special rights for women both seem unjust to me.

To women who abuse men of all the wrong doings,

I’m a woman and I take offense when a man is generalized as one of the jerks or creeps. I have men who are my friends and family and they are not meant to be abused.

To all the women I’ve come across who tend to misunderstand feminism,

I’m an individual who finds no future in the blame game. Thank the men who have stood for you. Move ahead of those who have ridiculed. Stop criticizing the opposite sex. Stop brooding over something that you are by birth and not by actions.

Most importantly,

P.S.  A fight for equal rights and hatred for the opposite sex does not come hand in hand.
         As a woman, I have some amazing men in my life and I’m sure you have at least one to  suffice the reason behind this post.

Feminism demands equal respect from each individual, be it a man or a woman.

But then only if you abide by the meaning.


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Thank You. 


I relate to your wounds and scars.

I smile when you share the merrier part.

I appreciate when you speak of the right.

 I am curious about your struggles and the will to fight.

 When you write about the bad that awaits,

 I’m in jitters and I hope that hard times fade.

 When you speak of how beautiful was the day,

 I am happy about how things are coming your way.

 When tomorrow decides your fate,

 I take out a moment to pray.

Four months and a family of thousand rays.

A selfish moment to gift myself this day.

P.S. This is a small token of appreciation to the blogging community for being the family a writer needs. 🙂 

Thank you for 1k follows here. 

Yes, I am  one of those lazy bloggers with less than 50 posts (This is my 45th post!) and occassional breaks. That is exactly why I am blessed to have you here as my extended family. 

I appreciate each one of you and I value your feedback. 

Thank you for reading and writing back to me. 

               Thank you for being YOU.

          Never let the words fall short! 🙂  





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A myth so far!

Dear men,

Do you remember starting this fight for equality together?  A fight that demands no caste, creed or religion gets any privilege.

We’ve been fighting against corruption together. You’ve been fighting for our rights with us. We’ve been raising our voices against injustice together.

But what do you get in return?

This sounds deceptive but the country has been partial towards us, the women. We are by birth crowned privileged and we defeat you in a fight that is meant to be both of ours.

I know you want to be treated equally so bad and the fact that females have never been treated indifferently might sound disturbing. We don’t mean to change pathways or step back. We are still fighting together and we will continue to do so. But all of this has been a myth so far!

For a woman knows that nothing actually matters. She knows that she’ll not be treated according to the societal divisions or all the reservations we’ve been fighting for.

She knows that she is equally unsafe , no matter what.


Yours truly,

A justified woman in your unjustified world.

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 What do you think?

It’s when you’re messed up and half asleep while you put off the alarm clock against your wish.

It’s when you are into your daily routine fighting odds with a beaming smile.

It’s in the late hours of the day while you struggle with the sweat on your face.

It’s when you hit the bed at peace and curl like a baby,gratified.

It’s when you hold on to yourself during a tide.

It’s when your eyes exhibit a will to fight.

It’s when you desire to do the unusual.

It’s when you wish to take some risks.

It’s when you’re adamant to work for your dreams.

But most importantly,

It’s when you believe that you’re beautiful.  


P.S. I share the most tired picture of mine, after a sick day and a sleepless night ’cause I feel that when I’m working, I’m at my beautiful best.

And I’d love to hear from you –


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That official letter. 

Dear Girlfriend, 

Nine years down the lane you met a loner in the corner of a classroom.

Remember how she had just nodded a yes when you offered to eat tiffin together? Yes you had invaded her personal space and she was not used to that sort of a gesture.

Remember how you showed up at her place when she fell sick and ditched a plan with the group of friends? No, she wasn’t expecting you to prioritize her and you had no reasons for the same.

Remember that girl from high school who spoke rubbish about her? She had never imagined you taking her side and yet you fought for her.  

Remember the bunch of new friends in higher secondary and how different were your respective school lives? She never believed herself while she kept an empty place for two years straight and missed you for no apparent reason too.

She is still the ruthless child who never cries or maybe she does, and you know when and why. She is still that lady who decides on who can intrude into her life and maybe that is why she chose you for the first move. She still ditches plans, falls sick and hears you scream your lungs out. She still lets people talk behind and you take her side. She is still the adamant girl who’ll keep you a place, only this time to go places with you.

It’s one more year to go and we’ll be a decade old.

Yes, that loner you met is now a radio FM. The pessimist speaks of optimism all day long.

I still do not write you lovely verses or decorated rhymes. I admit I’m the worst surprise planner and the least expressive soul. I also plead myself guilty of being the most boring partner in crime but then,

All that I write is ‘cause you believe I can. 

All that I torture you with is what you’ve discovered out of me 

And now that I trust and love is ‘cause you’ve taught me to keep faith.

I love it when they take our name together.

I love the growth we’ve shared.


I love you to the moon and back. 

P.S. Only if I wrote this letter to some guy crush, things could be termed exaggerated. But for you my soul sister, words don’t define our friendship and they never will.