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twenty first birthday

If I ever get too worried about 21, I know I have people who still spell 21 as 12. 💝😘 

This post is a mandatory hearty revelation to how beautiful has been the journey from 20 to 21. I met 5k of you here on wordpress. 5k people on instagram and more than 11k people on facebook who joined me on my one year journey! 

When earlier this week, I crossed the 5k mark on the blog followed by instagram, I were clueless over the amount of love you as a family shower. 

25th of this month, I turned 21 and I’d never be wrong if I spell it as 12 still. Yes! That’s how much am I blessed and pampered. People , life and happiness are better off as simple things and I am sure blessed with simplicity at its best. 

Thank you my lovely people (the clan) for the immense love that I do not even deserve! I truly feel like a princess so much that I am going to lock my presents (I have lost a count of!) and the crown cause I am too possessive about my things all of a sudden! 🙈
Thank you everybody who wished through mails and messages in case I have missed replying any. I know they don’t notify you of my birthday and I am surprised how you remember! The struggle with dates is real in my case hence I must appreciate. 

Cheers to calories, love and life! 💛

Thank you for reading.

Never let the words fall short! ☺

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A Year Journey!

As much as the story I live in and the moments that live in me are but just mine, you my fellow bloggers are the family that has stood by! 

It’s a whooping one year journey and look at how warmly have I been welcomed here.  

I look back to where I started and I can’t stop laughing. I was so nervous about this whole blog and being able to cope up. The only thing I remember is telling myself that I can and I must. This however does not change the fact that I have taken innumerable breaks, been a very lazy writer and yet the love, the support has been unmatched. I am guilty of having written 92 posts (including this!) and I don’t really know if I am as much worthy of what this family has blessed me with.

You’ve showered me with compliments. You’ve pampered me with love. You’ve motivated me everytime my words speak out my heart. And most importantly, you’ve inspired me for this one year journey that I never thought I could even start. 

By far, this is the best blogging achievement for me. And apart from this, I have been blessed with a decent number of people reading the blog, commenting, viewing and most importantly, staying by. It’s not often that a writer runs out of words but I am at this moment at a short of words to thank and to express what I feel about this magnificent year. Although, I guess that explains, my emotions attached to the blog and each one of you. 

I’ve always believed the journey is the best part, and what better than this marvelous journey till now!

Thank you for stopping by, appreciating, celebrating and for staying. 

Thank you for being such an important part of my story.

Thank you for being a family!

I hope we never let the words fall short! ☺