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Look who questions what made you numb
Faces that hide when the storm hits, hon!

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This, cause I have loved and how!

sweta ojha poem, sweta ojha quote

This, cause I have loved
On a starry night in a dark lane
For the brightest skies and quivering rain
The intoxicating volumes of eyes straight
Into the dimples that widen with much grace

THIS, cause I’ve loved how
We reckon, build, grow and risk
Against times and all the tricks
You breathe in me and I smell of you
What you seek is my journey new

THIS, cause I have loved
Both, sultry days and evening chills
For crazy beaches and promising hills
The turns, the frowns, the freckles that scream
Of kisses, curves and enticing dreams

This, for us and now
This, cause I have loved and how!

Thank you for reading.

Never let the words fall short! ☺

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Do you realize?

Sweta Ojha poem
Do you realize?

Don’t go too harsh on yourself for mistakes you realize

Or too stubborn for all that you miss in life

Cause there’s always so much more to rejoice

And a scope to better your conscience. 

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Never let the words fall short! ☺

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Lost faith. 

Lost faith in mankind
Lost faith in men

To people who believe none,

I understand there’s not much good that has happened and you are afraid to trust and let someone in. It’s okay to take your time but it is never alright to lose faith in mankind. Heartbreaks are necessary. They are a certain slideshow of reality that prince charming is a bookish concept and angels are only found in heaven. But then, there’s always a man for you my girl and a lady for you, gentleman who would be human enough to commit mistakes, confide in you and most importantly, shall never let you down from being the person they are. You go wrong once, twice, thrice or maybe all of them you met have been terrible but they have been experiences. I’m glad you are more experienced than most of the people cause that makes you wiser. Every other person you meet is different in his/her own way. And you know that, you know that it is okay to be broken, to love, to trust and be broke again. You know that it has nothing to do with every person who’d be a part of your life, it is but just the people you’ve met till now. You haven’t been lucky enough but you shall never stop trying. 

Don’t lose hope. 

Don’t let the spark die.

Don’t let me settle in your life.

Lost faith. 

Thank you for reading.

Never let the words fall short! 🙂