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Spend moments not money.Β 

​Festivity should not be confined especially when you celebrate happiness with such amazing souls. Needless to say, the best of company stands for a festival everyday! 

That is exactly why we at SAVERA celebrated Christmas on 15th of the festive month!

So yes! If you were curious of our whereabouts, we’ve got amazing memories sketched and beautiful moments lived in a single day! We share with you the first glimpse of our next step towards the motive – “Spread smile, spread love and be the change you desire in the world.”

“Didi, ranna hebbi hoeche” made our day ❀

The Day started off with lunch but that’s not about it. 

We have been working towards happiness and the first rule was to do something that they love. We do not believe in charity, we believe in spending and sharing moments. Hence, we set the menu as per their choice and the whole day revolved around their wishes.

Moving forward with that motto in mind, we had taken a survey of what can make their day memorable beyond the usual tough routine. 

After which, we arranged for all of us to watch “The Jungle Book” and witnessed a ride of laughter and amazement. 

Certainly the best kind of company and the best moment of 2016 for us. 

P.S. We have got more to us and more for you.

Stay tuned? πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading.

Never let the words fall short! 😊

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Growing older and stronger.

We knew we will take home blessings when they said “Abar esho” ( Visit us again ) with tear drops here and there , glimmering eyes and million dollar smiles.

The ‘Little Sister of Poor’ old age home situated at AJC Bose road near Rabindra Sadan was where we celebrated our 1st birth anniversary.

“We grow a year older” spoke the child within us while introducing.

To which a lady in pink pointed ,”All of you grow a year older?”

The hall echoed with giggles and sang us a happy birthday SAVERA.

Conversations had us going when a few members took the stage for a beautiful medley until they were flooded with song requests .

“Tell her to sing Gori tera gaon” , someone said .
“Why don’t you dance?” ,
somebody added.

We sang, we danced , we laughed , we ate and we shared hearty conversations.

They miss people.

They miss such moments.

And we happen to miss them too , so much that we are still there in the midst of emotional connections and abundant blessings.

P.S. SAVERA grew a year older on 1st June, 2016. 

Growing a year older and stronger could not have been celebrated better.

Thank you for the support and love πŸ™‚

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Every step you take counts.


Dreams be constant. When things start falling into place one by one , it’s because you’ve strived hard for it and never gave up. SAVERA is one such dream.
Since we started off as a very small non profit organization with the motto –
“Spread smile. Spread love. Be the change you desire in the world” , we have never looked back.

On 6th of April 2016, we were at this village named Ghungri , roughly thirty kilometers a drive from my city. The city of joy, Kolkata.
We were welcomed wholeheartedly in a school where children beat the heat studying in rooms with no electricity and no proper funds to continue.
SAVERA was there to help but I feel we were helped better in terms of the endless giggles shared and the beautiful time spent. We tried our best in the little we could for the innocent souls but what we took back home was greater.

A beautiful day.
A satisfactory smile.
A belief that every step you take counts.

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Spreading smile :)

“What’s the best thing we have come across as an organization?”

“It’s these priceless moments and happy faces”

Children who made our day and gifted us with memories for a lifetime. Amidst such confused, surprised and happy faces, our motive behind forming SAVERA grew stronger.

Be it the classroom visit, interactive sessions or the final group selfie , we were motivated by how these little souls beat the odds and struggle against financial crisis and no sources for the global motive of educating each child.

To the few teachers, we convey our special thanks for supporting the initiative. 

We are glad that we could help spread smiles from the little we can. πŸ™‚

The best picture.
Gratified us.

Spreading smile

Our first big activity to welcome 2016.

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28th Of May, 2016 – The Start.

Originally posted by – A core committee member Oshin Mithaulia.

SAVERA aims to bring smile and take small initiatives to bring a change that we dream about. As of our special and auspicious occasion . Our birthday was not only celebrated but also spent in a way we would love to share with all of you.

The day 28th of May started with a hustle . Members of SAVERA initiated the step to:
“Distribute old clothes among them who fight for every basic necessities”
The task was not easy as it seems and sounds to be. But with our motto and great teamwork it became really manageable.

savera 2.jpg

The members here are distributing clothes outside the Dakshineshwar temple.

To give away luxuries or money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide on whom to giveΒ  and for what purpose is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter.This being the first among the series of activity boosted us up not only for the day but also left a huge remark in our memories and hearts.

Our sincere thanks to the core committee member Shekhar Singh for clicking the pictures.

Check out the original post.

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